Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Posts In One Day???...WOWIE!!!!

Often times at work, I'll take quick breaks from the projects I'm working on to do some personal drawings, whatever they may be. Real stream of conscious type stuff. I'll either search for an interesting reference to draw from on Google, or I'll just scribble something down. There's no agenda other than to make art. These drawings can unfold into editorial-type illustrations, cartoons or the beginnings of a short story. I like to do this so that my eyes stay fresh. It always helps to step away from a project for a moment, do something completely different and then come back to the previous project anew. You'll see things you never never knew....aaaaand I just referenced Disney's Pocahontas. Anyways, in doing these break time illustrated ruminations, I started thinking of ways to share these images. I'm a big fan of editorial illustrations and I thought it might be fun to have a blog that I could treat almost like a magazine! I am working on a sketchbook, so the book/magazine idea is stirring around in my brain. Here are a couple of break time drawings to kick things off!


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